38FF Breasts
9.5 Cock

Name: Azeneth
25 years old
Sexual Orientation:
Straight. Yes, I am a shemale, but I love men.
Caucasian, born in a Latin country.
Hair Color: Usually blonde ;)
Eye Color:
Naturally blue with specs of green.
Favorite Sex Position:
Woman on top, with my shecock bouncing up and down, right on top of you.
Marital Status:
Free! Single and available.
Only breast augmentation. I do have other touchups, but just to give me this curvaceous figure that my members love. My face is 100% me.
Future Plans:
To become the world's best known shemale pornstar.

Ohh My Azeneth is a real head turning blond! those huge breasts big cock and a figure most real girls would die for & she has it all!
In this hot preview set Azeneth is just wearing platform pumps & a top with those big breasts exposed a long dildo up her moist ass & her hands wrapped around her hard cock!

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